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Tokenless prepayment

The most convenient and tenant friendly way to recharge energy usage. Purchase energy online for instant credit topups.

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Topupmeters is a new and exciting way for landlords to recharge energy usage within their rental properties

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How the Topupmeters service works

Credit is running low or expired

A Top-up is purchased online

Credit is instantly sent to the meter

Payments are settled to the landlord’s bank account

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To find out how to use emergency credit, check your tariff rates, or operate the display then download the consumer instructions below, or contact our support team.


Prepayment has never been easier with Topupmeters.  Energy is purchased online using a credit or debit card and instantly sent to the meter over the mobile phone.  Payments are made to the owner’s account on the first week of the month.

Landlords can save time from not having to engage with tenants or visit meters to collect coins or issue tokens.  While tenant’s enjoy all the benefits of smart metering such as online payments, accurate metering, and in-home display options.

Tokenless prepayment service

The TOPUPMETERS system is completely tokenless.  This means no coins, cash or tokens are used for issuing credit.  No need for any expensive vendor equipment as tenant’s can buy energy online at anytime.

Simple monthly payment

A single monthly payment for the total value of all transactions is sent monthly.  There are no additional charges or fees when settling energy payments to the landlord.

Web portal management tools

The online web portal enables property managers to monitor energy consumption, customise tariffs, and setup alerts when a tamper is detected or excessive electricity or gas is being consumed.


From the online web portal users can get up-to-date meter readings, check credit levels, and see recent top-ups.

Tariffs can be sent over the air to instantly update electricity or gas unit rates in the event of changes to energy pricing.  The daily standing charge and emergency credit levels can also be adjusted for individual meters.

  • Powerful charting tools

    Get a long distance view of energy consumption to find out exactly when and how much energy is being used by each meter down to half-hour resolution.

  • Customize tariffs

    Changing the electricity and gas tariff can be done in just a few clicks to instantly update the meter over the air.  Standing charge and emergency credit settings can be adjusted from the meter settings

  • Check credit levels at a glance

    The dashboard shows a list of all meters with the latest credit level, gas and electric reads.  Go into any meter to get in depth view of recent energy top-ups.

  • Automatic alerts

    Set up automatic threshold alerts in the event of energy exceeding or falling below a set threshold.   This can indicate if a meter is being tampered with.

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For duel fuel prepayment the Gas Pulse Sender can be installed to an existing gas meter.  Pulses from the gas meter are sent wirelessly to the electric meter where pricing is stored and charges are deducted from the balance.

Easy installation

The pulse sender has a 1m cable with RJ11 plug for connection onto compatible gas meters

Long wireless range

The distance between the pulse sender and electric meters can be up to 20 metres depending on the environment.

10 Year battery life

Designed for utilities the pulse sender will keep going for 10 years in typical conditions.

Track gas usage

Consumption data is stored in the electricity meter and remotely updated once a day to the web portal.  Users can get accurate meter readings and analyse patterns to help minimise energy costs.


The 5-terminal Topup meter has 100A load control for external circuits and storage heating

The 5-terminal Emlite EMC-Z meter enables storage heating to be switched on a timing schedule programmed to the meter whilst enjoying the benefits and convenience of prepayment.  The meter continues to operate all the normal functions including dual fuel prepayment.




Letting Agency -Leeds

“We upgraded from coin operated meters to the Topupmeterssystem and can’t believe how easy it is to use for our tenants.”


Norman P Lea Ltd

Residential property manager -Southport

“We’ve saved a lot using smart prepay meters in remote locations where engaging with tenants can be a costly and time consuming process”


Georgiou Apartments

Residential apartment landlord -Norwich

“Our tenants are loving the new
Topupmeters system because they can see exactly what their electricity and gas is costing”


Georgiou Apartments

Residential apartment landlord -Norwich

“Our tenants are loving the new
Topupmeters system because they can see exactly what their electricity and gas is costing”