Topupmeters tenant accounts: upgraded features

We have been busy enhancing the topup client area to make it easier to stay on top of your prepayment energy. Such as automated top-ups and checking credit balance. Outlined below are the main feature updates to improve our end-user experience.

Advantages of logging in:

  1. Quicker checkout process
  2. Check current credit balance
  3. Setup automated top-ups
  4. See topup transaction history

Quicker checkouts

With the standard topup procedure the full meter serial number and ID code has to be entered each time. By logging in these details can be stored for next time.  The same applies to payment methods. Credit and debt cards are stored securely on the Stripe network to save having to re-enter card details every time. This makes it possible to buy credit in just a couple clicks.

Check current credit balance

The dashboard displays remaining credit balance and is colour coded to provide a visual cue when balance is running low. The credit reading is updated every morning. Now there’s no need to visit the meter to see how much money is on the meter. When the balance falls below £5 an email is sent to remind to make a topup soon to avoid the power going off.

Setup automated top-ups

Scheduled topups can be setup to automatically apply credit to meters at regular intervals. For example you may need to put £50 on the meter every month on the 1st, this can be easily setup from the dashboard by selecting auto-topup.

See topup transaction history

Go to transaction history to see recent top-ups and their delivery status to the meter. All payments and associated information is conveniently stored here to keep track of energy expenditure and payment details.

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