Network Issues affecting topups across UK (14/07/2020 – RESOLVED)

14/07/2020 Update – All pending top-ups have been processed.

As of 16:55 on 12/07/2020 there was a widespread outage with our SIM partner JTGlobal preventing topups being delivered over the GSM network. While this technical issue is ongoing we are advising all customers to manually enter top-up codes at the meter.

After topping up, a 20 digit transaction reference number is emailed and shown on screen. Go to the meter to manually enter this code by following these simple steps.

Steps for manual code entry

  1. Hold B for 5 seconds until the code screen is shown
  2. Enter the first digit by pressing B to increment the number by 1
  3. Then press A to move to the next number
  4. Repeat until all 20 digits are entered

Finally press A after all 20 numbers are entered. The normal “Payment Successful” message will show and credit is instantly applied.

Emergency Credit and Friendly Hours will continue to work as normal where this is already available. We expect the issue will be resolved by 07:00 14/07/2020 as more meters restore connection to the mobile network. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Where payments have been successful the topup will eventually be sent to the meter if it has not already been manually entered using the steps above.

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