Introducing customer accounts and recurring topups

At Topupmeters we are always looking for ways to make life easier for landlords and tenants when it comes to recharging energy. To this end we have made it even easier to purchase energy with the new customer account features.

Users can now create an account for storing their meter and preferred payment method for next time. This makes topping up much quicker as its no longer necessary to re-enter the meter serial number, ID and card details each time. This information is securely stores with the Stripe payment gateway.

You can also see available credit balance to decide whether a topup is needed. Recent transaction history showing all payment information can also be viewed.

Scheduled topups

Most tenants will topup every week with a similar amount each time. Its now possible to automate these payments to go at regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals. After logging in, select Enable Auto Topup to setup a recurring payment. Select the amount, time and start/end date. You will get an email in the usual way to confirm the payment has gone through at the next scheduled topup time.

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